Common, seasonal influenza hospitalizes hundreds of thousands and kills ten of thousands of individuals every year in the US alone. Pandemic influenza, like the recent virulent strains of Swine H3N2 and Avian H5N1 influenza have the potential to kill millions. Current vaccines and other treatment options suffer from limitations in overall effectiveness and the treatment window timing. Sea Lane's antibody therapeutics show promise in addressing both limitations.


Influenza Antibodies:


The primary component of the influenza virus is the hemagglutinin protein (HA protein). The HA protein has two primary domains, the globular head that initially binds the virus to cells and the stem that irreversibly fuses the virus to cells. We have developed two unique antibodies, one against the globular head domain (C05) and one against the stem domain (A06) while other companies have limited their approach to just the stem domain.



By targeting both domains, we limit the ability of the virus to "escape" and are therefore more likely to cover any future strain of influenza whether it be a new seasonal strain or a pandemic.


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