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The SEA LANE BIOTECHNOLOGIES fully human bio-therapeutic platform technologies provide unique solutions for pressing therapeutic needs. Our technologies and inventions include the therapeutic class of entities known as Surrobodies™ and world-class human antibody libraries.  Each represents a bio-therapeutic platform which may be leveraged externally, via partnerships, or through internal discovery and development efforts to meet the rigorous requirements of creating a competitive product candidate pipeline and portfolio. Located in the Silicon Valley, Sea Lane stands out as a premier biotech company dedicated to creating truly innovative bio-therapeutic approaches, and building value on top of those foundations of discovery. 





Sea Lane and Agensys announce commercial license agreement for antibodies generated using ConCIRT Libraries Read More


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Sea Lane and Sanford Burnham present poster at AACR Conference in Washington DC April 6-10, 2013 Download Poster


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Sea Lane announces the granting of three US patents covering Surrobody technology, synthetic antibody library design and human derived libraries

Influenza paper published in Nature Sept 16, 2012

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ErbB3 Surrobody paper published in Molecular Cancer Therapeutics

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Influenza paper Published in PLoS Pathogens

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Surrobody™ Paper Published in JMB

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Surrobody™ Paper Published in PNAS
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